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Recent Readings: Out of Range

...For some reason my inner reader seems drawn to crossovers right now. While The Secret of Sherwood Forest was read a long time back (several months now; soon enough to be recent, but not strictly so), the story that I read over the last two to three days did not introduce itself as a crossover to me. In fact, when I saw the story title Out of Range for the first time, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Crossover was not one of them. Apparently neither was a good yarn.

Recent Readings - The Secret of Sherwood Forest

So I've been reading lots of the stories here for a while now, but never actually signed up. And...well, now I have! So I can give some rough thoughts! So...hmm, why don't we start with one of the first ones I read here, The Secret of Sherwood Forest?


I don't really have anything to say, other than I'm a kid who likes Secret of NIMH and doesn't care much for what society has become. I have a few fics written for it, if only I could figure out how to get them posted.

Comic parody

Hello NIMH fann artist!

My abilities as NIMH artist are in relation with grafic artwork on Thorn valley gallery.

I wish to put some of my picture on Robin fan archive, but I can't do it

I'm not a good writer but I I want to express some ideas. I saw the works of some artist here.

It was funny that version for x files.

Well done , but I have in mind some comic parody.

Based in the comic spiderman form Marvel comic

Tim would the rodent version for spidermouse

That because Tim was bited by a spider when he was a child mouse

The War of NIMH Series

The War of NIMH Series

A Continuing Saga to 'The Rats of NIMH' Trilogy

Book 1

Thorn Valley's Fear

Draft 1

Chapter 1

"Davis, hurry up, your chief advisor’s at the door, you were supposed to be at the Chamber of Progress 5 minutes ago! ...the house of order doesn’t like a late leader.", squeaked Lois worriedly from behind him. Lois was Davis’ wife, a pretty brown-eyed blondeish female rat, also the first lady of the Thorn Valley United Republic of Intelligent Rodents.

The Wizards of Thorn Valley

Hello all. Yet another story out of the ol' fanfiction factory today. A crossover with NIMH and my series The New Order (Currently resding in my home computer.) the series is a Harry Potetr/Danny Phantom/Fairly Odd Parents/Lilo and Stitch Alternate Universe crossover where
1.)Cosmo and Wanda (from FOP)are wizards and joined Harry's school as fourth years in his fifth year
2.)My characters (Skye, Jellie,Rusty,Kato ,Gil and Blade, and Mothie (short for Timothy)joined the school
3.They all worked together to defeat Vodlemoort and are now the New Generation of teh Order of the Phoenix

I jumbeled a few of the pairings(beware: cross-fandom pairings ahead)

New Story :Hazy Dreamstar

Hey, I'm starting a story and hopefully I'll finish it soon here it is. I've always wanted to use the name Hazy Dreamstar in a fanfiction or story so...

Hazy Dreamstar

Jewely Z.

Disclaimer: The NIMH characters do not belong to me. Hazy Dreamstar/Ivy Warren does.

Summary: Fourteen-year-old Ivy Warren, supercreative dreamer, turned sullen loner wakes up after an accident and finds herself a mouse in a rodent colony and is given a new start to change her life for the better.

hows everyone doing?

hows every doing? i would like hear what you have to say so post.

Jonathan Brisby Legacy

It cann't be possible?

Those where the words of Teresa Brisby when she read Jonathan's diary.

There was wrote part of the part of the odyssey suffered by the rats of NIMH

Jonathan described a lady mouse who helped to him for guide the rats for Thorn Valley. He made to her the promise if things are unfavorable then He'll take her kids like his own.

Brisby cried because the lady mouse on the description was her sister Pearl and the little mouse described by Jonathan...

He was talking about Leandro

What did he mean?

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