G-Rated Stories

All's Fair in Love and War

By Megan Lucas

A sequel to the film that focuses on the colony in Thorn Valley, paying particular attention to Jenner's family and the amulet. A good little read!

Changing of the Guard

by Marcus Lindemann

Brutus, now an old and frail rat that is dependent on his family, reflects on his life, friends long gone and the simple joys that he appreciates now that he can no longer be a guard. Truly a touching story.

El Matrimonio de Justin

By Carlos Pazmino

"Justin's Wedding" in Spanish. Title pretty much says it all! (Partial translation provided)

El Programa de Chat

By Carlos Pazmino

Another of Carlos's tales that has Justin speaking to the NIMH scientists. (In Spanish, translation provided by JR/Persuivant)

Jonathan and the Rats of Crescent Valley

By Hebes

This one is a sequel to “Secret of NIMH 2,” written by another young author. While I deny the fact that film was even made, the story reads pretty well.

Kanen's Tale

By Kanen

A rat-fable told by Kanen, the rat-priest on NIMHmuck. Quite a powerful little myth, I think you all will enjoy this.

La Visita Prometida

By Carlos Pazmino

One of Carlos's short stories, this means "The Promised Visit" in Spanish. (Translation provided)

Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH: The Iambic Pentameter Play

By Christopher Street

A retelling of the NIMH story which combines both elements from the movie and the book and written in the form of a Shakespearian play. Kudos to the author for his poetic talent and amazing ability to mimic Shakespeare's style very accurately.

The Diary of Jonathan Brisby

By anonymous contributer

In this well written epilogue to the movie, Jonathan’s family discovers his journal.

The Memoirs of David Levine

By Benjamin Ruby

Rather well written, this is one takes quite an interesting twist on the usual NIMH tale; a kid gets turned into a rat by the amulet!

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