PG-Rated Stories

Chapter 38 - A strange malady

Jessica awoke, sighing as she immediately recalled the night just past. The sigh became a yawn as she turned her head to look upon the one with whom she’d spent the night, sharing herself so completely, each one fulfilling the other’s needs and desires, more than either thought possible. But he wasn’t lying beside her. Instead, he was sitting at the edge of the bed, apparently lost in thought. Jessica reached out to clasp his hand.

He turned to her, smiling, and helped her upright. “Ah, Jessica, my lovely. I swear, you are love personified.”

Crossed Paths, Crossed Lives

By David Leemhuis

Martin Brisby makes an impulsive decision to leave Thorn Valley, accompanied by his best friend Lambert, to see the NIMH laboratory for himself. Unfortunately his absence causes further complications after a harbinger of doom arrives, in the form of a strange but familiar mouse. This story is set two years after “The Last Moving Day.” The original version was written between March and December 1989.

Cyril and Alma

by David Leemhuis

Everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Mr. Ages, thinks he’s performing a simple act of kindness after he receives an unexpected night visitor, but it signals the beginning of a major life change for him. This story is set four months after “The Last Moving Day.”

Entry in a Journal

By Nick Schmidt

A short narrative of the memoirs of William of NIMHmuck; a good little read and introduction to Nick's character.

Forest Refuge Animus

By Josh Lazarus Broderson

An 'elseworlds' tale that takes many NIMH elements into play. Written in script format as well as in comic book form.


By David Leemhuis

This story is based on three short stories written in 1990 and 1991 and takes place in the days following “Crossed Paths, Crossed Lives,” beginning the day after. I decided to consolidate them into one story, expanding upon events I’d previously touched upon that happened during that period or were detailed in later stories. The Rats and Mice formerly of Thorn Valley welcome new arrivals that swell the latter’s ranks—some with surprising origins—and otherwise adjust to life in the colony’s new location.

Freeze Frame

By Daphne Lage

A young photographer decides to venture into the Thorn Valley Wildlife Preserve and her life is never the same again. Great writing, and also has some illustrations! Housed off-site.


By Chris Silva

Dr. George Yardley is often haunted by his past work with Dr. Schultz--a past no one but the Rats of NIMH new about. Now that his 'nephew,' Dante, has joined the rats of NIMH and his friends have deserted him, he feels he must face his past by creating a new future for himself--by joining Dante. A short sequel to "The Children of NIMH."

Love... And Mr. Ages?

By Christopher Silva

In this short story sequel to “The Children of NIMH,” Mr. Ages discovers that being a grumpy old man isn’t what its cracked up to be.

Mother's Day - Timothy

By: Simon Tesla

A short story written by this site's webmaster, with Timothy remembering his childhood. Takes place well after the events of the book/film.

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