Movie-Based Stories

All's Fair in Love and War

By Megan Lucas

A sequel to the film that focuses on the colony in Thorn Valley, paying particular attention to Jenner's family and the amulet. A good little read!

All Souls Night

By Kkatman

A sequel to the film that takes place on All Souls Night. A group of spirits visits those who need them the most.

Changing of the Guard

by Marcus Lindemann

Brutus, now an old and frail rat that is dependent on his family, reflects on his life, friends long gone and the simple joys that he appreciates now that he can no longer be a guard. Truly a touching story.

Chapter 1: The Valley

Morning had finally come.

The first rays of the dawning sun were trying to drive away the dampness. The leaves were shedding their dew and beginning to warm themselves in the golden light. But down below, down at the base of the woods, the air still clung with chilling moisture.

Something was leaning against the base of a particular tree, something wet, cold, tired, and very, very annoyed.

It was a rat, a male rat. But it was not your average kind of rat.

Chapter 2: The Visitors

High up in one of the hollow branches the sun's rays gently filtered through a small round window into a circular room. Within, a small group of rat children was sitting on cushions and pillows carelessly strewn on a large carpet. At the center of both carpet and room rested a huge book.

And directly in front of the heavy ledger a young male rat was desperately trying to read.

'He's never going to get it right.' muttered an impatient rat boy seated at the carpet's rim.

'Don't be so mean,' retorted the girl sitting next to him.

Chapter 5: The Departure

The dark desk stood bathed in moonlight again.

Again, the light blinked on its inky surface.

The seat of the leather chair faced the room’s interior this time and the occupant’s slender fingers rested on the cold material of the colossal table. A fingernail clicked on the surface in tune with the light’s rhythm.

‘We have just received confirmation that the bait animal has made contact with the lost specimens. The bait’s location tracking device was disabled, but the remaining contacts are in place.’

Chronicles of a Rat's Life

by Sonja Koene

Wendy Elizabeth, a young first-generation rat, goes on a journey to London, the place of her birth, to find out about her mysterious past... and finds adventure, intrigue and love.

Crossed Paths, Crossed Lives

By David Leemhuis

Martin Brisby makes an impulsive decision to leave Thorn Valley, accompanied by his best friend Lambert, to see the NIMH laboratory for himself. Unfortunately his absence causes further complications after a harbinger of doom arrives, in the form of a strange but familiar mouse. This story is set two years after “The Last Moving Day.” The original version was written between March and December 1989.

Cyril and Alma

by David Leemhuis

Everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Mr. Ages, thinks he’s performing a simple act of kindness after he receives an unexpected night visitor, but it signals the beginning of a major life change for him. This story is set four months after “The Last Moving Day.”

El Matrimonio de Justin

By Carlos Pazmino

"Justin's Wedding" in Spanish. Title pretty much says it all! (Partial translation provided)

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