The Tarnelous Effect - A Sequel to Debra Experiments

A mouse is subjected to a series of tests, each one more stranger than the ones proceeding it. Meanwhile, a disgruntled scientist must come to terms with the idea that perhaps what he's doing, playing god, won't work out for him as intended. And there's something strange afoot going on with the AI used to administer the tests.

A sequel to the convoluted and confusing Debra Experiments, this story takes place very shortly afterwards. Enjoy and provide feedback if desired.

Cyril and Alma

by David Leemhuis

Everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Mr. Ages, thinks he’s performing a simple act of kindness after he receives an unexpected night visitor, but it signals the beginning of a major life change for him. This story is set four months after “The Last Moving Day.”

The Debra Experiments - A Prequel to The Secret of NIMH

By: Some Dude

A prequel to The Secret of NIMH taking place five years before the rat's escape from NIMH. Enjoy and provide feedback if desired.

Mother's Day - Timothy

By: Simon Tesla

A short story written by this site's webmaster, with Timothy remembering his childhood. Takes place well after the events of the book/film.

Out of the Mist

by David Leemhuis

This story opens a few days after “Freethorn.” The Rats and Mice of Freethorn receive some unexpected company and learn some truths—not all of them pleasant—both about the world that has taken them in, and about themselves. This was my longest “NIMH” fan-fiction. The original version was written over a course of 13(!) years, from 1993 to 2006.


By: Simon-Pierre Castanié

A great short story by Simon-Pierre Castanié! Simon-Pierre has created a small Don Bluth exhibition in France, and four towns have welcomed it! This short story takes place between the penultimate scene and the final scene when the rats discuss their departure to Thorn Valley. Enjoy!


By David Leemhuis

This story is based on three short stories written in 1990 and 1991 and takes place in the days following “Crossed Paths, Crossed Lives,” beginning the day after. I decided to consolidate them into one story, expanding upon events I’d previously touched upon that happened during that period or were detailed in later stories. The Rats and Mice formerly of Thorn Valley welcome new arrivals that swell the latter’s ranks—some with surprising origins—and otherwise adjust to life in the colony’s new location.

Crossed Paths, Crossed Lives

By David Leemhuis

Martin Brisby makes an impulsive decision to leave Thorn Valley, accompanied by his best friend Lambert, to see the NIMH laboratory for himself. Unfortunately his absence causes further complications after a harbinger of doom arrives, in the form of a strange but familiar mouse. This story is set two years after “The Last Moving Day.” The original version was written between March and December 1989.

The Last Moving Day

By David Leemhuis

Following the events of "Mrs. Brisby and the Search for Johnathan," the title says it all, as the Brisby family makes its final decision on whether or not to make their home in Thorn Valley alongside the Rats of NIMH. The original version of this story was written in 1991.


by Marcus Lindemann

A re-write of NIMH: The Final Experiment by Marcus Lindemann. There are no pictures, but that doesn't stop this from being one of the defining works of Robin's Fan-Fiction Archive!

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