Story Contest - Life in the Rosebush

Okay, here's a bit of an experiment for the site... To help get things going here, we're going to try to do some story contests. The theme for this contest is: Life in the Rosebush. Submissions based on other themes are welcome, however. The (tenative) deadline for entries is June 20 (my birthday ;).

Now, entries of any length (from short stories to multi-chaptered novels) are permitted, but keep in mind that they should be rated PG-13 or less and should follow the submission guidelines. However, as a slight change, you are encouraged to create an account and post the stories to your own personal blog. Just post a comment to this thread linking to your submission. This makes it easier for me to handle submissions. Email submissions are still okay, but please keep in mind that right now things are pretty busy IRL. Submissions must be finished to be considered. You can, of course, go back and expand upon the story and such as you desire.

After the deadline, we'll put up a page with links to all of the stories submitted along with a poll to determine the best story. If there are a lot of submissions, we might do a few sub-category polls as well. Winners will receive a permanent place in Robin's Fanfiction Archive, and possibly other prizes, depending on what I can wrangle up.

A special thanks to Megan, Robin and the other posters on the forum for the idea. Have fun and good luck!

EDIT: Deadline has been extended to allow more people to enter.

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