Chronicles of a Rat's Life

by Sonja Koene

Wendy Elizabeth, a young first-generation rat, goes on a journey to London, the place of her birth, to find out about her mysterious past... and finds adventure, intrigue and love.


It's been almost sixteen years
since I first saw the Secret of NIMH. I remember that I was at my cousins house
who was celebrating his birthday. This was 1991. Of course we got bored of
playing cowboys and Indians and police officer and criminals after a while, so
my uncle decided to place us in front of the television. He had rented a movie
called ‘The Secret of NIMH.' My cousin Rob was thrilled, he had seen the movie
before and loved it.

Unfortunately we weren't able to
watch the entire movie because it was way passed kids bedtime. I was lucky that
my parents were movie-lovers as well, so I joined my dad the next time he went
renting a movie. I found what I had been looking for in the children's section.

I'm twenty-seven years old now and
I guess that I've seen the Secret of NIMH over a hundred times... and I still
love it! About six years ago I decided to write my own fan-fiction. I had the
entire story in my head and I felt the need to put it on paper. So here it is,
the work where I've been working on for over six years. I've completed it today
and I'm really proud of it. Now I have to find some people who are crazy enough
to read it. 

My story actually occurs before,
during, and after Mrs. Brisby arrived at the Rosebush. The Main Character I
used is a young female rat called Wendy Elisabeth. She is a First Generation
rat who was born in London, England. She's taking you on a journey through her
own life, complete with all challenges that life can bring along. A life that
isn't easy for the young female rat ,who's been through enough already. But
with love, courage and determination, everything eventually turns out good
after all. Oops! I've told you too much already! You must read the rest for

So if you consider yourself brave
enough, take Wendy's hand and let her take you for a walk.

You won't be sorry. I hope you'll
have a pleasant journey.  

Sincerely Yours,

Sonja Koene

The Netherlands, the 12th
of November 2006.

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Chronicles of a Rat's Life