Mrs. Brisby and the Search for Johnathan

by David Leemhuis

Courage of the heart…it served Mrs. Brisby well in her quest to save her children and gained her valuable allies and friends. Now, she must rely upon it again in a new quest to find the one who will once again make her family complete: Johnathan Brisby, the father of her children, the one she thought they’d lost forever. Guided by the ever-mysterious red amulet, she leads her new friends into parts unknown to any of them, with no way of knowing that they’d meet opposition to their quest…or that they may not survive to be reunited with the object of their search.

The Brisby Beginning

By David Leemhuis

This story is set in the early days of the Rats' original Rosebush colony, when Johnathan Brisby was roommate to Mr. Ages and was very much at loose ends. An unabashed love story, as Johnathan meets the one who would come to be at the center of the entire "NIMH" saga.

Not dead, just sleeping

For those that are curious, the Archive isn't abandoned or anything so dramatic as that. I just haven't had any submissions lately. As for the community aspect, most of that seems to be happening at Thorn Valley and NIMHmuck. I'm very seriously considering merging this site with Thorn Valley so that all the community can be in one place...

On that note, have a NIMH fanfic you're sitting on? Send it to me. I'd more than likely love to put it up.

Upgraded Drupal, new template

For those of you who are keen observers, Robin's site has a new look. This is part of the upgrade to Drupal 4.7. The old theme would've broken with the new version of Drupal, and it was showing its age anyway, so I figured I'd use the same basic theme that I use for It's simpler to maintain in many ways, and I think it looks better than the old template. Lighter, I guess. Anyway, enjoy. And let me know if you find anything that's broken.

Oh, one of the nifty things that came with the update is the all new Story Search. It should be much quicker and easier to use than the search engine for browsing for or looking up specific stories.

The Secret of the Stone now finished!

Finally, the long-awaited conclusion to Procyon's The Secret of the Stone has been posted. Check it out!

Chronicles of a Rat's Life

by Sonja Koene

Wendy Elizabeth, a young first-generation rat, goes on a journey to London, the place of her birth, to find out about her mysterious past... and finds adventure, intrigue and love.

A short story i wrote a year ago and never got posted. This is a dual storyline that follows Jonathan and Mrs. Brisby's first Christmas together, and the first Christmas after his death, when a most unlikely visitor comes to spread holiday cheer. Anyhow, I give you: A Brisby Christmas

‘Twas the before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…
…Except, for a mouse.

Out of Range completed

Gerard Andrews fanfic Out of Range has been completed. Something else to add to my reading list, heh. n.n;

New Forums (w/ BBCode)!

I've added new forums (which are accessible via the Forum link along the side of the page). There you can discuss fanfiction and get writing help in the Writer's Workshop, among other things. I've also enabled BBCode for all posts, so those of you who don't like HTML, or are just used to BBCode for posts and such, now you can use it.

I rediscovered this little piece I wrote a while back for a creative writing class I took in college. While the story isn't strictly NIMH-based as written, it was originally conceived as being a potential scene in that Return to NIMH fanfic I've been writing off and on for a while now. Unfortunately, I had to make enough adjustments to my story idea that this scene probably wouldn't work in the story anymore. Still, I consider it as taking place inside the story's universe.

Basically, Brendan was conceived as the son of Timothy Frisby, and has inherited his fathers curiousity for the world, although it is also combined with a slightly rebellious attitude, which gets him into trouble in this story when he meets up with some humans...

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