Not dead, just sleeping

For those that are curious, the Archive isn't abandoned or anything so dramatic as that. I just haven't had any submissions lately. As for the community aspect, most of that seems to be happening at Thorn Valley and NIMHmuck. I'm very seriously considering merging this site with Thorn Valley so that all the community can be in one place...

On that note, have a NIMH fanfic you're sitting on? Send it to me. I'd more than likely love to put it up.

Upgraded Drupal, new template

For those of you who are keen observers, Robin's site has a new look. This is part of the upgrade to Drupal 4.7. The old theme would've broken with the new version of Drupal, and it was showing its age anyway, so I figured I'd use the same basic theme that I use for It's simpler to maintain in many ways, and I think it looks better than the old template. Lighter, I guess. Anyway, enjoy. And let me know if you find anything that's broken.

Oh, one of the nifty things that came with the update is the all new Story Search. It should be much quicker and easier to use than the search engine for browsing for or looking up specific stories.

Out of Range completed

Gerard Andrews fanfic Out of Range has been completed. Something else to add to my reading list, heh. n.n;

New Forums (w/ BBCode)!

I've added new forums (which are accessible via the Forum link along the side of the page). There you can discuss fanfiction and get writing help in the Writer's Workshop, among other things. I've also enabled BBCode for all posts, so those of you who don't like HTML, or are just used to BBCode for posts and such, now you can use it.

Story Contest - Life in the Rosebush

Okay, here's a bit of an experiment for the site... To help get things going here, we're going to try to do some story contests. The theme for this contest is: Life in the Rosebush. Submissions based on other themes are welcome, however. The (tenative) deadline for entries is June 20 (my birthday ;).

Now, entries of any length (from short stories to multi-chaptered novels) are permitted, but keep in mind that they should be rated PG-13 or less and should follow the submission guidelines. However, as a slight change, you are encouraged to create an account and post the stories to your own personal blog. Just post a comment to this thread linking to your submission. This makes it easier for me to handle submissions. Email submissions are still okay, but please keep in mind that right now things are pretty busy IRL. Submissions must be finished to be considered. You can, of course, go back and expand upon the story and such as you desire.

After the deadline, we'll put up a page with links to all of the stories submitted along with a poll to determine the best story. If there are a lot of submissions, we might do a few sub-category polls as well. Winners will receive a permanent place in Robin's Fanfiction Archive, and possibly other prizes, depending on what I can wrangle up.

A special thanks to Megan, Robin and the other posters on the forum for the idea. Have fun and good luck!

EDIT: Deadline has been extended to allow more people to enter.

What would you like to see on Robin's?

Lately, I've noticed that Robin's site has been rather static; while we have a rather vibrant community on Thorn Valley's forum and on the Fan Art gallery, this site hasn't changed much in the past few months. I've started a thread on the forum, if anyone would like to share their thoughts on this. I'll very likely be implementing a few of these ideas soon. forum thread

New stories, revision to George

A new story, titled The Secret of NIMH - Another Story has been added to the archive. It's a fun little story, so check it out. Marcus Lindemann has also submitted a touching short story titled Changing of the Guard.

Also, Chris Silva has submitted a revision to his story, George.

Redirect from K'Arthurville Up

The redirect page to Thorn Valley has been put up and I'll be deleting the old Robin site in the next few days. Please reset your bookmarks to Thorn Valley.

Thanks again to Simon for doing such a great job with the site! It looks fantastic!

New illustrations added to Gibbs' stories

I recently received some art to go along with Paul S. Gibbs' fanfics The Rats of Thorn Valley and Second In Command from LordDirk, a new contributing artist. If you'd rather not go poking around the stories for the art, you can take a gander at his gallery. Enjoy!

So... What do you think?

Well, now that everything's finished, as far as migrating things over, I was wondering what everyone thinks of the new site... Are there any features you'd like to see added? Traditions (i.e. The Robin's Reader's Choice Awards) that you'd like to continue? Things you'd like to see started? Please let me know, either by email or by posting a comment below. Thanks!

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