NIMH: The Final Experiment

By Marcus Lindemann

The Rats of NIMH have settled into their new home at Thorn Valley, and Mrs. Brisby and three of her children came to live with them. However, Teresa arrives from the farm with news that is ominous indeed. Perhaps they had not outsmarted NIMH after all?

Forest Refuge Animus

By Josh Lazarus Broderson

An 'elseworlds' tale that takes many NIMH elements into play. Written in script format as well as in comic book form.

NIMH Rats in Space

By Scott Oliverson

A crossover between our favorite characters (after NIMH2) and Lost in Space. Wacky stuff.

NIMH Meets the Small Soldiers

By Scott Oliverson

Okay, another wacky crossover, but it’s cute.

Freeze Frame

By Daphne Lage

A young photographer decides to venture into the Thorn Valley Wildlife Preserve and her life is never the same again. Great writing, and also has some illustrations! Housed off-site.

NIMH: The Unauthorized Sequel

By Ken Singshow

A professionally drawn graphic novel sequel to the movie. A *must* see.

Two Days Since Wednesday

By Jeff McGinnis

A prequel to the movie, told in different perspectives of all the characters. An interesting look at events in the 'mosaic' style of writing.

Survivor's Guilt

By Paul S. Gibbs

A sequel to Paul’s other complete works that focuses on Timothy and his adjustment to life as a “Mouse of NIMH.” Set after “Second in Command,” there is sadly only one chapter to this story.

Such Devoted Sisters

by Paul S. Gibbs

Taking place somewhere between “Rats of Thorn Valley” and “Second in Command,” this tale is told by Eileen, one of Paul’s original rat characters. Unfortunately, there are only two chapters to this story, which was unreleased at the time that the archive went down in 2001.

Projecto Y: El Rescate

By Carlos Pazmino

The latest of Carlos's tales in Spanish, currently untranslated. If you'd like to tranlsate them, please get in touch!

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