The Tarnelous Effect - A Sequel to Debra Experiments

A mouse is subjected to a series of tests, each one more stranger than the ones proceeding it. Meanwhile, a disgruntled scientist must come to terms with the idea that perhaps what he's doing, playing god, won't work out for him as intended. And there's something strange afoot going on with the AI used to administer the tests.

A sequel to the convoluted and confusing Debra Experiments, this story takes place very shortly afterwards. Enjoy and provide feedback if desired.

The Debra Experiments - A Prequel to The Secret of NIMH

By: Some Dude

A prequel to The Secret of NIMH taking place five years before the rat's escape from NIMH. Enjoy and provide feedback if desired.

Chronicles of a Rat's Life

by Sonja Koene

Wendy Elizabeth, a young first-generation rat, goes on a journey to London, the place of her birth, to find out about her mysterious past... and finds adventure, intrigue and love.

Rat Race: A Trilogy of Trouble

by Dawn Griffiths

Well written and expertly illustrated, this sequel to the film focuses on life in the valley and Justin’s struggle as a leader and Jenner’s thirst for power.

Justin's Troubles

By Vince Palacio

A short story originally written in French about Justin and some of the problems he faces in Thorn Valley after the movie. An English version is also available thanks to Steve Vanden-Eykel. Rated PG-13 for graphic violence.

The Brisby Chronicles

By Charlie Duke

This was one of the first stories to ever be submitted to this archive when it began in late 1997. It is a retelling of the movie, taking place in the modern, human world. Rated PG-13 for non-explicit sexual content and language.

Leon's Journal

By Quinlan

The journal of a rat that traces events before, during and after the film.

Out of Range

By Gerard Andrews

A gritty, tragic crossover between NIMH, Rescue Rangers and The Rescuers, this tale focuses on Gadget. But, I assure you, it ain't no 'Rangers of NIMH!'

This fanfic is housed off site. Follow the link to go to Out of Range.

All Souls Night

By Kkatman

A sequel to the film that takes place on All Souls Night. A group of spirits visits those who need them the most.

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