Changing of the Guard

by Marcus Lindemann

Brutus, now an old and frail rat that is dependent on his family, reflects on his life, friends long gone and the simple joys that he appreciates now that he can no longer be a guard. Truly a touching story.

The Secret of NIMH - Another Story

by Nala5

We all know the story of Mrs. Brisby... or do we? Here's a short story that does another take on the story we know and love, with a few twists of course.

The Secret of the Stone

By Procyon

Now that Timothy has recovered and the Brisby family has moved to their summer home, it seems that Mrs. Brisby can finally relax a little. However, when going to get more medicine for Timothy, she finds Mr. Ages home ransacked and no trace of Mr. Ages... but she does find something far more sinister. Housed off-site.

NIMH: The Final Experiment

By Marcus Lindemann

The Rats of NIMH have settled into their new home at Thorn Valley, and Mrs. Brisby and three of her children came to live with them. However, Teresa arrives from the farm with news that is ominous indeed. Perhaps they had not outsmarted NIMH after all?

NIMH Rats in Space

By Scott Oliverson

A crossover between our favorite characters (after NIMH2) and Lost in Space. Wacky stuff.

NIMH Meets the Small Soldiers

By Scott Oliverson

Okay, another wacky crossover, but it’s cute.

Rat Race: A Trilogy of Trouble

by Dawn Griffiths

Well written and expertly illustrated, this sequel to the film focuses on life in the valley and Justin’s struggle as a leader and Jenner’s thirst for power.

Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH: The Iambic Pentameter Play

By Christopher Street

A retelling of the NIMH story which combines both elements from the movie and the book and written in the form of a Shakespearian play. Kudos to the author for his poetic talent and amazing ability to mimic Shakespeare's style very accurately.

Freeze Frame

By Daphne Lage

A young photographer decides to venture into the Thorn Valley Wildlife Preserve and her life is never the same again. Great writing, and also has some illustrations! Housed off-site.

Justin's Troubles

By Vince Palacio

A short story originally written in French about Justin and some of the problems he faces in Thorn Valley after the movie. An English version is also available thanks to Steve Vanden-Eykel. Rated PG-13 for graphic violence.

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