Entry in a Journal

By Nick Schmidt

A short narrative of the memoirs of William of NIMHmuck; a good little read and introduction to Nick's character.

The Brisby Chronicles

By Charlie Duke

This was one of the first stories to ever be submitted to this archive when it began in late 1997. It is a retelling of the movie, taking place in the modern, human world. Rated PG-13 for non-explicit sexual content and language.

Second In Command

By Paul S. Gibbs

A followup to "The Rats of Thorn Valley", as told by Jonathan. The Rats of NIMH and the Brisby family anxiously prepare for their first winter in Thorn Valley. Meanwhile Jonathan learns the meaning of "long-suffering" as he battles trouble with work, family, weather--and, most perilous of all, the fallout from Justin's tortured love-life.

The Rats of NIMH

By Keith Elder

A story that takes place after the movie, which focuses on the rats, as well as an unusual legacy left by Jonathan.

The NIMH Network

By Steve Vanden-Eykel

A prequel and sequel to the movie, focusing on the amulet. You've probably seen it on Steve's site, but I thought it was cool, so it's here, too.

Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH

By U. Nesbit Owin

This is a retelling of the movie, but set in the human world. This story was submitted by Arin Wolff, after Nesbit disappeared over two years ago.

Second Chance: A NIMHmuck Roleplay

by The NIMHmuckers

Taken directly from the on-line, real time logs of NIMHmuck, then cleaned up a bit, 'Second Chance' holds together quite well as a parallel storyline in which Mrs. Brisby confronts her husband about his secret. Excerpts from different days involve both their domestic fight and a show stopping conflict with Jenner. Both a great introduction to the world of NIMHmuck and surprisingly reminiscent of some of the other fan-fic works, especially given that it was entirely impromptu.

Leon's Journal

By Quinlan

The journal of a rat that traces events before, during and after the film.

Kanen's Tale

By Kanen

A rat-fable told by Kanen, the rat-priest on NIMHmuck. Quite a powerful little myth, I think you all will enjoy this.

All's Fair in Love and War

By Megan Lucas

A sequel to the film that focuses on the colony in Thorn Valley, paying particular attention to Jenner's family and the amulet. A good little read!

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