The Empire of Thorn Valley

By Jennifer C. Robinson

A story that is a sequel to the book. Don't get many of those 'round here, so check it out!

The Diary of Jonathan Brisby

By anonymous contributer

In this well written epilogue to the movie, Jonathan’s family discovers his journal.

The Children of NIMH

By Christopher Silva

When Dr. Schultz’s son gets mixed up with the rats, anything can happen. Contains elements from the book as well as the movie.

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Love... And Mr. Ages?

By Christopher Silva

In this short story sequel to “The Children of NIMH,” Mr. Ages discovers that being a grumpy old man isn’t what its cracked up to be.


By Chris Silva

Dr. George Yardley is often haunted by his past work with Dr. Schultz--a past no one but the Rats of NIMH new about. Now that his 'nephew,' Dante, has joined the rats of NIMH and his friends have deserted him, he feels he must face his past by creating a new future for himself--by joining Dante. A short sequel to "The Children of NIMH."

Out of Range

By Gerard Andrews

A gritty, tragic crossover between NIMH, Rescue Rangers and The Rescuers, this tale focuses on Gadget. But, I assure you, it ain't no 'Rangers of NIMH!'

This fanfic is housed off site. Follow the link to go to Out of Range.

The Rats of Thorn Valley

By Paul S. Gibbs

A beautifully told story which keeps the characters true to their form in the film. It takes place four months after the rats' departure from the farm. Mrs. Brisby and her children eagerly accept an opportunity to visit Thorn Valley; but unknown to them, the Rats of NIMH are once again facing a deadly peril--one which could destroy their self-sufficient paradise forever.

Robin’s Note: This was THE first piece on the archive waaaaay back in ’97. It was a favorite back then and probably will remain one today. Tragically, Paul Gibbs died suddenly in Jan 2002. His family has graciously given me permission to keep his NIMH work alive on the web.

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