The Misfit of Thorn Valley

By Autumn Egbert

A cute little story written by the youngest author to be featured on this site. It tells the story of Mrs.Brisby's oldest son, Martin, and is set just a few weeks after the first story ended.

Jonathan and the Rats of Crescent Valley

By Hebes

This one is a sequel to “Secret of NIMH 2,” written by another young author. While I deny the fact that film was even made, the story reads pretty well.

The Memoirs of David Levine

By Benjamin Ruby

Rather well written, this is one takes quite an interesting twist on the usual NIMH tale; a kid gets turned into a rat by the amulet!


Paul S. Gibbs

This short is part of another larger work that was never completed nor released. This story takes place in the far future of Thorn Valley. Told by Cynthia, it is an interesting little read, and one of the pieces Paul sent me when he originally contacted me about getting his fanfiction up on the web. --Robin

El Programa de Chat

By Carlos Pazmino

Another of Carlos's tales that has Justin speaking to the NIMH scientists. (In Spanish, translation provided by JR/Persuivant)

The Secret of Sherwood Forest

By Edwin Ross Quantrall

A wonderfully sophisticated cross-over between "The Secret of NIMH" and "Robin Hood." Inspired by a picture drawn by Ken Singshow, this author takes a darker look at both stories (and some other elements as well) in this enchanting work in progress.

Justin's Troubles

By Vince Palacio

A short story originally written in French about Justin and some of the problems he faces in Thorn Valley after the movie. An English version is also available thanks to Steve Vanden-Eykel. Rated PG-13 for graphic violence.

Entry in a Journal

By Nick Schmidt

A short narrative of the memoirs of William of NIMHmuck; a good little read and introduction to Nick's character.

The Brisby Chronicles

By Charlie Duke

This was one of the first stories to ever be submitted to this archive when it began in late 1997. It is a retelling of the movie, taking place in the modern, human world. Rated PG-13 for non-explicit sexual content and language.

Second In Command

By Paul S. Gibbs

A followup to "The Rats of Thorn Valley", as told by Jonathan. The Rats of NIMH and the Brisby family anxiously prepare for their first winter in Thorn Valley. Meanwhile Jonathan learns the meaning of "long-suffering" as he battles trouble with work, family, weather--and, most perilous of all, the fallout from Justin's tortured love-life.

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