NIMH Rats in Space

By Scott Oliverson

A crossover between our favorite characters (after NIMH2) and Lost in Space. Wacky stuff.

NIMH Meets the Small Soldiers

By Scott Oliverson

Okay, another wacky crossover, but it’s cute.

The Secret of Sherwood Forest

By Edwin Ross Quantrall

A wonderfully sophisticated cross-over between "The Secret of NIMH" and "Robin Hood." Inspired by a picture drawn by Ken Singshow, this author takes a darker look at both stories (and some other elements as well) in this enchanting work in progress.

Out of Range

By Gerard Andrews

A gritty, tragic crossover between NIMH, Rescue Rangers and The Rescuers, this tale focuses on Gadget. But, I assure you, it ain't no 'Rangers of NIMH!'

This fanfic is housed off site. Follow the link to go to Out of Range.

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